Cinematoraphy SHAPE Full Play Batteries – First Look

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  1. SHAPE, makers of a variety of camera support accessories, has a new line of V-mount and gold mount batteries called Full Play. We go hands on with the new bricks at Cine Gear 2018 below.

    SHAPE Full Play batteries

    The batteries are available in both V and gold mount and in 98wh, 135wh and 270wh capacities. When comparing the 98wh SHAPE battery to other brands, I found that SHAPE Full Play was the more affordable solution in general.

    SHAPE’s batteries also include a USB and D-tap port as well as a 4-light LED indicator showing battery charge. The company also says the batteries will charge on other brands chargers and will provide about 6-hours of battery life for cameras like Panasonic’s AU-EVA1.

    The batteries also sit flush to the top of cameras like the Canon C700 and RED Helium — definitely helpful for mounting ergonomics. Quad chargers and a D-Tap travel adapter for charging on the go is also available.

    A variety of different batteries are available in the marketplace, but the SHAPE batteries seem to provide a nice balance between price, capacity and ergonomics.

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