Cinematoraphy Atomos Ninja V Goes NDI and Wireless With The Latest AtomX Add-On Modules

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    Atomos has announced the AtomX Ethernet/NDI and AtomX Sync modules for the Ninja V monitor recorder.


    What is the AtomX Ethernet/NDI?

    The AtomX Ethernet/NDI is an attachable breakout box that connects to the Atomos Ninja V, enabling the in/out of video and audio signals, and power via 1 GigE ethernet connection. This enables live broadcast quality video data transmission over IP, in which the Ninja V can then receive and transmit NDI from any NDI device on the network.

    The module has been created with NewTek, who developed NDI as a standard for video over IP. Although working with HDMI and SDI is the standard practice, from the smallest to the largest video productions, IP and NDI has been moving its way into the broadcast sector for the last few years. For users of networked infrastructure, using switchers like the NewTek TriCaster or NDI playout systems, it allows the Atomos Ninja V to act as a networked recorder, monitor or even playout device in a live broadcast or streaming environment.

    Here are the specifications of the AtomX Ethernet/NDI module:

    • 1Gb/s ethernet I/O
    • 100+ channels over 10G
    • NDI HDp60 encoding and decoding
    • Up to 30ms latency
    Wireless sync and control for the Atomos Ninja V with AtomX Sync module


    Wireless control of the Atomos Ninja V via Bluetooth is now possible with the new AtomX Sync module, bringing timecode, genlock and control functionality to over 1000 networked devices within a range of 300m. This enables any video device with syncing capabilities, which is particularly interesting when using DSLR or mirrorless cameras in live or multi camera productions, or with isolated audio recordings.

    The AUX timecode is embedded into an audio track, which can then be extracted and decoded by Videotoolshed LTC Convert Software, and used in any NLE. AUX timecode can be read by Avid and Resolve without the need to decode.

    At the moment, there is no mention of how the devices can be controlled via Bluetooth, but since Atomos have collaborated with Timecode Systems to work on this, we would expect that an iOS app will be made available.

    Batteries can also be hot swapped via the AtomX Sync module, so continuous live control can take place without interruption.

    Here are the specifications of the AtomX Sync Module

    • 300m range
    • Control of over 1000 connected devices
    • HD/4K up to 60p
    • Master and slave control
    • 1GHz transmission over Bluetooth 4.0

    At the moment, there is no availability date for the two AtomX modules, but these two accessories paved the way for future device add-ons for the Atomos Ninja V.

    Would you use the AtomX modules in your networked workflow, or control your Ninja V via Bluetooth with these new modules? What additional modules would you like to see from Atomos? Let us know in the comments.

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