Become an ARRI Certified Technician with MZed’s ARRI Academy

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    ARRI and MZed have teamed up to release the ARRI Academy courses online. If you are an inspiring filmmaker, an AC, a rental house technician, or an ARRI camera owner, the ARRI Academy classes are the best sources of knowledge regarding ARRI products and workflows. Let’s take a closer look at the first course: ARRI Certified Training for Camera Systems.

    The ARRI Academy

    The German company ARRI is famous for making top-quality film equipment like lights, lenses, cameras and so on. The ARRI Academy is ARRI’s training programs for technicians. Once you finish one of the various multi-day training course, you end up with a certification. If you want to master any piece of ARRI equipment or workflow, learning directly from the manufacturer is the best route to go.

    On the other hand, MZed has a vast catalog of filmmaking related online courses and masterclasses. A partnership between the two companies is a good thing. In short, it means that some ARRI Academy classes will be available directly from your couch, whenever you want. The cherry on the cake: you even get a certificate at the end of a course.

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    Certified Training for Camera Systems

    The first course that comes out of this partnership between ARRI and MZed is camera oriented: Certified Training for ARRI Camera Systems.

    In this course, there are eight modules in total. It covers everything you need to know regarding shooting and setting up an ALEXA LF / ALEXA Mini / ALEXA SXT W / AMIRA camera.

    The course is intense and covers the different camera menus, ARRIRAW codec and the various recording formats available, ARRI advanced look workflows and HDR, and much more. If you’ve never shot with an ARRI camera, this is a must-watch.

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    Pricing and Availability

    This first course in the ARRI Academy program is already available directly on MZed’s website.

    You can buy each module separately for $49 each, or the entire course for $199. If you are already an MZed Pro member, you get it for free.

    What do you think of this ARRI Academy series of courses? Do you think being an ARRI certified technician will help you in your career? Let us know in the comments!

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