Boris FX Mocha Pro 2021 adds PowerMesh Tracking

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  1. This one is for all the pro VFX aficionados out there. With Mocha Pro 2021 the planar tracking suite adds something called PowerMesh. Basically, it just learned how to track not only planar, but also warped and uneven surfaces!

    I think Boris FX Mocha Pro can safely be considered the planar tracker of choice when it comes to replacing any flat surface with something else in post production. However, Mocha Pro 2021 has taken a major step forward in this respect: the range of applications has just expanded from planar to sub-planar tracking, making Mocha Pro 2021 even more versatile and useful for a whole range of post-production workflows.

    Which one is the original? Image credit: Boris FX
    Boris FX Mocha Pro 2021

    With Mocha being almost an industry standard for all kinds of planar tracking applications, this new update is a pretty significant one. It opens up a whole new range of workflows within Mocha. Applying convincing VFX elements such as wounds or digital make-up to a moving face isn’t something you could do with the previous version of Mocha Pro. Watch the video below for a rundown of the new features:

    Along with the new PowerMesh features, Mocha adds extended Python scripting capabilities into the plug-in version. In previous versions, this was a standalone-exclusive feature. With Phython scripting you can add your own custom tools and automations in order to fit your specific workflow even better.

    Python scripting within Mocha Pro 2021. Image credit: Boris FX
    More Alembic Workflows

    Mocha Pro 2021 also offers support for outputting Alembic exports to more hosts in order to continue working on VFX shots in different applications. It adds support for Foundry Nuke, Blackmagic Design Fusion, Autodesk Flame, Maxon Cinema4D or Assimiliate Scratch for example. Tracking data from the new PowerMesh engine can be exported to Adobe After Effects, as well.

    Another feature is called AdjustTrack which enables the VFX artist to manually adjust tricky effect shots in regards of tracking. This might come in handy if the area which should be tracked is obscured by a foreground element for example.

    Pricing and Availability

    Mocha Pro 2021 is available as a standalone version as well as a plug-in version for use with various host applications, such as Adobe After Effects, Avid Media Composer or OFX driven apps like Foundry NUKE, Blackmagic Design Fusion, VEGAS Pro or HitFilm Pro.

    Pricing depends on your needs. A new license starts at $695 for one host application. A multihost license is $995 and the standalone version (includes multihost plug-ins) is $1495. There are also subscription plans available. Existing users with active subscriptions or upgrade & support plans can download Mocha Pro 2021 for free.

    Image credit: Boris FX

    Although Mocha is quite an advanced piece of software aimed at the professional market, it still might be interesting for indie filmmakers, as well. The capabilities of such software is nothing but astonishing and It’s really tempting to replace something within your shot with anything else while the software basically does the heavy lifting for you automatically. If you like what you see, give Mocha Pro 2021 a whirl, there’s also a free trial available plus lots of tutorial videos on their website.

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