Cinematoraphy Cinemartin is Closing its Gates due to Bankruptcy

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  1. Cinemartin, the company that is known for selling modestly priced monitors and that now was attempting to enter the cinema camera market with their upcoming Fran 8K camera has just released the following message on Facebook: (Below is the original message, no adjustments were made)

    Bad news, we are about to close due to bankrupt. Our tie mother company leaves us with no other option. End of Cinemartin probably by 1 April, the joke day, but our end as a filmmaking company. Thank you for all your efforts and grattittude. Soon we will make the public annoumcement

    For some it might be bad news, others saw it coming, but in any case, declaring bankruptcy is never a pleasant thing, in most cases it is sad to see a company closing down. We truly hope that people can still get their money back (In case of pre-ordering Fran 8K camera), or, according to the information we have, not all monitors were supplied yet.

    Thank you Ethan Shotz for pointing us to the source.

    What do you think? Did you have any engagement with Cinemartin in the past or did you use any of their products? Please share with us your thoughts in the comment section below

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