DoP Choice Universal SNAPBAG for Barndoors Announced

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    DoP Choice has just released a new softbox for LED lights: the Universal SNAPBAG. This new light modifier attaches directly to your fixture’s barndoors, which means you no longer need a speed ring for each different light you use. Let’s take a closer look!

    DoP Choice Universal SNAPBAG

    Traditionally, if you want to attach a softbox to a fixture, you need what’s called a speed ring. A speed ring is a piece of metal (with holes around it) that you put in front of your fixture in place of the barndoors. Once the speed ring is in place, you have to put the softbox’s rods inside the speed ring. But, don’t get it wrong, the word “speed” is only in the name, and it usually takes quite some time to set up a softbox. Also, you need a different speed ring for each type/model of light you have. For example, a speed ring for an ARRI 650w Fresnel won’t fit a Mole-Richardson Teenie 650. So it can cost you quite a lot of money if you have a lot of different lights in your kit.

    Various speed rings by Chimera. Image credit: Chimera

    To solve that problem, the team at DoP Choice has just released the Universal SNAPBAG. This Universal SNAPBAG works with LED fixtures only and attaches to your barndoors directly. Back in the days, something like that wouldn’t be possible because of the amount of heat a Tungsten/HMI light produces. Because LED lights generate very little heat, a speed ring is not obligatory anymore.

    The Universal SNAPBAG fits most fixtures equipped with 5” to 7” barndoors. For example, it is compatible with the ARRI L5 and L7, Litepanels’ Sola, DeSisti Super Series, and similar sized fixtures.

    Image credit: DOP Choice

    The installation of the SNAPBAG looks fast. All you have to do is slide the pouch of the Universal SNAPBAG over your barndoors, attach it via a Quick-Lock System (velcro), and voila!

    Image credit: DOP Choice

    Once the Universal SNAPBAG is in place, you can still rotate it via the barndoors. If you want to control the light output better, various SNAPGRIDs are available from 20 up to 50 degrees. The Universal SNAPBAG is relatively lightweight at only 1.5 lb/700g.

    There is currently no information regarding pricing and availability of the Universal SNAPBAG. Otherwise, stay tuned for our IBC 2019 coverage for more details!

    Do you often use speed rings for your fixtures? What do you think of the Universal SNAPBAG? Let us know in the comments!

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