ERA 4 Voice Leveler Plugin – Limited Offer: $9 Instead of $59

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    Accusonus’ ERA 4 Voice Leveler plugin is currently on sale – costing only $9 (instead of $59 regular price) – until the 8th of November. The one-knob tool might help your audio processes significantly, when it comes to leveling a person’s voice . Let’s take a closer look!

    ERA 4 Voice Leveler

    The Accusonus ERA 4 series of plugins are one-knob tools made for filmmakers that want to fix and improve their audio results, quickly. These plugins are compatible with every NLE and audio software on the market that accepts VSTs. If you wish to hear and learn more about these one-knob tools, you can take a look at the full review I did some time ago, which includes audio examples.


    So, what does this plugin do, and how can it help you? When you record someone speaking – the most typical scenario being a talking-head interview – the voice intensity of the person can vary a lot. Of course, you can adjust the volume input directly on set, on your camera or mixer, but as a one-man-crew, you have a lot of things to deal with already, and it’s nearly impossible to do.

    If you need the voice of the person speaking to be “constant” – not low at certain moments and higher at others – voice leveling the dialogue by hand is a time-consuming task. The ERA 4 Voice Leveler plugin helps you smooth out your voice track without adding background noise when the person is not speaking.

    I’ve used this plugin a lot for the past six months, and it does a fantastic job. Of course, you have to be gentle and subtle when you play with the knob, to get great results. It’s been a whole part of my audio chain process for interviews.

    Pricing and Availability

    Currently, there is a special offer for the ERA 4 Voice Leveler plugin that lasts until the 8th of November. You can get the plugin for only $9 (instead of $59 regular price). At this price, it’s a real bargain. If you are not quite sure yet if it can aid your workflow, you can try it for free. To get access to this offer, follow this link to the Accusonus website.

    Have you already tried ERA 4 plugins? What do you think of these easy to use tools? Let us know in the comments!

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