Filmmaking for Photographers Course with Philip Bloom now on MZed

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  1. Filmmaking for Photographers with Philip Bloom is aimed at photographers making the transition from stills to storytelling in space and time.

    Following on from the success of Philip’s first course titled ‘Cinematic Masterclass’, his second course ‘Filmmaking for Photographers‘ aims at a specific audience that is not often catered for directly. More often than not, many clients expect a photographer to also provide video, and many photographers simply want to expand their knowledge and offer added value and services. The power in this course is that it deals with technical and creative questions that come directly from the context of the professional photographer.

    Filmmaking for Photographers

    The course spans six modules, with a new module going live every two weeks. The first module ‘Setup and Audio’ is live now. Filmmaking for Photographers costs $199 on MZed and is then available to stream and download forever. It can also be bundled with an MZed Pro membership for $399 which is a saving of $99. The MZed Pro membership is an annual membership that gives you access to all the courses hosted by MZed for as long as you are subscribed. If MZed Pro is bundled with any single course, you still get lifetime access to the bundled course.


    • Setup and Audio – Looks at setting up your camera for video and demystifies essential audio recording skills.
    • Lighting – All aspects of lighting for movement, interiors, exteriors, and control.
    • Movement – The art of camera movement, exploring the rules, methods, tools and how to block movement in a scene.
    • Sequences – Learn how to construct sequences, and scene structure.
    • Story and Narrative – Explore the structure of storytelling narrative.
    • Post Production – A look at all aspects of post. Editing, audio and music, color as well as managing your media and workflow.

    We will write up a deeper review of the course, but for now you can find all the information about Filmmaking for Photographers on MZed here. Stay tuned for more on Filmmaking for Photographers in the coming weeks, we will post a full review once all the episodes are out!

    Does this course resonate with you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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