FUJIFILM X Webcam v2.0 Now Available

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    FUJIFILM has just updated its Windows & Mac software that allows you to use your X and GFX series mirrorless cameras into webcams: FUJIFILM X Webcam v2.0. Let’s take a closer look at it!

    FUJIFILM X Webcam

    A couple of months ago, FUJIFILM released the first version of it’s X Webcam software. This tool allows you to use various FUJIFILM X/GFX series cameras as a webcam. All you have to do is connect your camera via USB to your computer, launch the software, and you’re good to go.

    At the moment, FUJIFILM X Webcam v2.0 is compatible with several cameras, including:

    • GFX 100, GFX 50S & GFX 50R.
    • X-H1, X-Pro2, and X-Pro3.
    • X-A7 and X-T200.
    • X-T2, X-T3 & X-T4.

    Also, here is the list of compatible apps that can use your FUJIFILM camera as a webcam:

    • Windows10: Google Meet (Chrome/Edge), Teams (Chrome/Edge/App), Skype (Chrome/Edge), Zoom (Chrome/Edge/App), Messenger room (Chrome/Edge).
    • MacOS: Google Meet (Chrome/Edge), Teams (Chrome/Edge), Skype (Chrome/Edge), Zoom (Chrome/Edge), Messenger Rooms (Chrome/Edge), LINE, OBS Studio.

    So what’s new with this version 2.0 upgrade?

    FUJIFILM X Webcam v2.0

    Some might consider the update not to be groundbreaking, however changing camera settings during an online meeting or even use “Film simulation” is a welcoming thing.

    The upgrade will create the “X Webcam 2” icon. If you click the icon, a control panel appears and you can change some settings of the camera, including:

    • Film simulation.
    • Instant AF, AE Lock, and digital zoom.
    • Exposure compensation and white balance.

    This update is compatible with all the cameras mentioned previously, except the X-T200 and X-A7. Also, options and magnification depend on the models. Finally, for X-Pro2 users, the INSTANT AF and AE LOCK can be used in MF mode.


    This FUJIFILM X Webcam v2.0 is available now on FUJIFILM’s website here.

    Have you ever used your DSLR/mirrorless camera as a webcam? If yes, how do you like it compared to the built-in webcam of your computer? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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