Import RAW Footage in Final Cut Pro with Color Finale Transcoder

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    Color Trix Ltd, the company behind the famous Color Finale 2 color-correction plugin for Final Cut Pro, has released a new tool to import natively unsupported RAW footage directly into FCPX: Color Finale Transcoder. This new easy-to-use plugin allows you to preview and adjust the settings of BRAW, ARRIRAW, and CinemaDNG media in Final Cut Pro. Let’s take a closer look at it!

    Color Trix Ltd is a British company specialized in color correction/color grading tools for Final Cut Pro X users. Over the last couple of years, they released various tools such as LUT Utility, Color Finale (now in version 2), and Cinema Grade.

    The tools that Color Trix Ltd creates are meant to bring new features inside FCPX, and they recently released Color Finale Transcoder, an add-on plugin that allows you to import un-supported RAW footage directly inside FCPX.

    Color Finale Transcoder – Features

    Color Finale Transcoder is an extension for Final Cut Pro X that allows you to preview, adjust, and transcode various RAW file formats directly inside FCPX.

    Image credit: Color Finale

    At the moment, the plugin supports BRAW, ARRIRAW, and CinemaDNG. Indeed, there are no reasons to support R3D/ProRes RAW files as Final Cut Pro X natively supports them.

    Image credit: Color Finale

    Inside the extension, you have the ability to adjust various settings, including the transcoding codec, color space, resolution of the output file, debayering mode, enable highlight recovery, and so on. But, Color Finale Transcoder also allows you to modify your RAW files’ color temperature/tint, ISO, and sharpness/detail settings. You can even import a preview LUT to better understand, what your footage would look like once imported.

    When you’re done inside the extension, simply drag and drop your files onto your media bin, and Final Cut Pro X will transcode your RAW footage in the background to the desired codec.

    Price and Availability

    Color Finale Transcoder is available now for $59.00, and it supports nearly every Mac, including M1 ones. If you want to try it, you can get a free 7 day trial, which is fully featured.

    For more information, please visit Color Finale Transcoder’s website here.

    What do you think about this Final Cut Pro X extension? Do you often work with transcoded RAW files inside FCPX? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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