Kinefinity Cameras Get Huge Price Drops and New Accessory Packages, TERRA 4K Gets ProRes...

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    Kinefinity has just adjusted its product lineup. All current cameras are getting a price drop and more flexible accessory packages. Instead of $11,999, Kinefinity MAVO LF body will now cost $7,999, MAVO 6K will cost $4,999, and TERRA 4K body gets a $3,499 price tag. Additionally, Kinefinity TERRA 4K will get a new free firmware update in April 2020, which will add ProRes4444 and ProRes 4444XQ recording formats to this camera.

    Kinefinity cinema camera lineup – MAVO 6K, MAVO LF, and TERRA 4K. Source: Kinefinity

    Since 2017, the Chinese camera manufacturer Kinefinity has released three cinema cameras: TERRA 4K, MAVO, and MAVO LF. In their price segment, they offer very interesting features and many filmmakers who tested them, are satisfied with their image quality. You can take a look at our Kinefinity MAVO LF hands-on here.

    As Kinefinity states, they put a lot of effort into optimizing the supply chain and production process to provide customers with more reliable and more affordable products. That’s why the company is now adjusting its product lineup. Starting today, Kinefinity cameras are listed at a new price and they offer more efficient accessory package options.

    Kinefinity Price Adjustment

    According to Kinefinity, the reason for price drops are improvements in the optimization of the supply chain and production processes. They are dropping prices of all three existing camera models. The following prices are for the body only.

    Kinefinity cinema camera price drops. Source: Kinefinity

    • Kinefinity MAVO LF gets a massive $4,000 price drop. The old price was $11,999, the new price is $7,999.
    • Kinefinity MAVO 6K gets a $3,000 price drop. The old price was $7,999, the new price is $4,999.
    • Kinefinity TERRA 4K gets a $500 price drop. The old price was $3,999, the new price is $3,499.

    Unfortunately, Kinefinity cameras are not available at our partners B&H or CVP, but you can order them directly from the Kinefinity website.

    Kinefinity Flexible Accessory Packages

    Each Kinefinity camera is available with different accessory packages. The company made some adjustments to the composition of the packages to allow for more convenience and flexibility. The basic package has been renamed to the Handheld package. Further, there are now two entirely new options called Core package and Production package. The overview of contents in each package, as well as their prices, are shown in the image below.

    New accessory packages. Source: Kinefinity

    Kinefinity TERRA 4K Firmware Update

    We have already seen a major firmware update for the Kinefinity TERRA 4K back in April 2019, which increased maximum framerates in both 4K and 2K video resolutions.

    Now, the Kinefinity TERRA 4K cinema camera will see ProRes4444 and ProRes4444XQ encoding added to its recording options. This feature is coming to all TERRA 4K cameras via a free firmware update. No hardware changes are required. The firmware is expected to be available in April 2020.

    What do you think about the new price drops on Kinefinity cameras? Do you use Kinefinity cameras for your work or are you planning to buy one? Let us know in the comments underneath the article.

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