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    The Peak Design Travel Tripod became the most successful project in the history of Kickstarter in the photography section. Since the campaign’s launch on May 21st, the super-compact tripod gained massive amount of attention and funds – over $11,000,000 US from almost 25,000 backers. There are now only a few hours left for the campaign, so you can still pledge and get this revolutionary product.

    Peak Design is not a newbie when it comes to crowdfunding campaigns. This is in fact their ninth Kickstarter campaign and it has been extremely successful so far. The Peak Design Travel Tripod project is an example of highly innovative product and great marketing. That’s why it already surpassed the $11,000,000 mark and the numbers are still growing.

    In this short article, I will not describe all the features of this travel tripod. If you want to know more about it, you can check our main article (Peak Design Travel Tripod on Kickstarter – Compact and Lightweight, Reinvented) which we published when the campaign was launched. Key features are:

    • Very compact and lightweight design without an “empty space”
    • Integrated phone mount
    • Carbon fibre or aluminium version
    • Integrated compact ballhead
    • Invertable center column with counterweight hook
    • Arca Swiss compatible quick release plate
    • Maximum height is 152,4cm (60″) and maximum capacity is 9,1 kg (20 lbs)
    Travel Tripod Ultralight Conversion Kit. Source: Peak Design

    Thanks to great success of the campaign, Peak Design also announced a modification called Ultralight conversion kit, which will transform the travel tripod into a minimalist, ultralight backpacking tripod. It is a set of 3 foot plugs, which replace the bottom 4 sections of the tripod and results in a 50% lighter (yet much lower) tripod. The MSRP of this accessory will be $30 US, and it can also be pre-ordered on Kickstarter (by simply increasing the pledge amount by $25 US), with no additional shipping fee.

    The campaign is ending today at midnight, UK-time (UTC) – precisely on Friday, July 19 2019 12:00 AM UTC. It means there are only few hours left to back it and get the product delivered. To get the aluminium version of the travel tripod, you will have to pledge $289 US and for the carbon fibre version $479 US. Delivery of the product (both aluminium and carbon versions) is planned for December 2019.

    Peak Design delivered their crowdfunded projects successfuly in the past, and the Travel Tripod seems to be a finished product. Still, please keep in mind that Kickstarter is not a shop or marketplace, and there are certain risks when backing up a project.

    What do you think of the Peak Design Travel Tripod? Did you back the project? Are you considering it? Let us know in the comments underneath the article.

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