Cinematoraphy Panasonic AU-EVA 1 Gets $1000 Price Drop

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  1. Tim Fok

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    Panasonic has reduced the price of the Panasonic AU-EVA 1 camera. The drop knocks $1000 off, bringing the price down to $6495.


    It’s funny to think that it’s been 18 months since the announcement of Panasonic AU-EVA 1. It emerged almost alongside the Canon C200, offering stiff competition to Sony FS5 in the entry level super35mm camcorder market.

    The reduced price of $6495 makes the Panasonic AU-EVA $1000 cheaper than a Canon C200 and some $1200 more than the older Sony FS5.

    It’s a true Panasonic camera – great bang for buck with a broad user base, lesser known in the hire industry.


    The Dual ISO, high frame-rates and 14 stops of dynamic range makes it an interesting option, The Camera is capable of 4K 10bit 422 internally, up to 100/120P in 2K, and 5.7K raw up to 30p thanks to an Atomos update last year.

    More camera specs in buy links below.

    18 months is about right for more significant price reductions like this. It’s often a good time to purchase a camera package that works for you; the industry has had time to adapt with workflows and accessories, and you can get a good deal.

    Comparatively speaking there’s not a great deal of difference price wise in buying a small camcorder like this than spec’ing up a mirrorless camera for video.

    Are you a Panasonic EVA 1 user? Are you happy working with this camera? Please share with us your experience in the comment section below

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