PDMOVIE LIVE AIR 2S – World’s Smallest Wireless Follow Focus Handwheel

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    The PDMOVIE LIVE AIR 2S is a super-compact wireless follow focus system that can go anywhere. Literally. This upgrade features an ultra-small control handwheel with a 1/4”-20 screw that you can place wherever you need it to go.

    New wireless follow focus systems seem to be popping up all over the place these days and we’re always really excited to see them. Less than a decade ago, decent wireless follow focus systems weren’t affordable for the average shooter.

    Now there are so many in the sub $500 range that it is difficult to know what’s what. On top of that, they seem to all be the same system with different housing. Decent and affordable, but they still need external power and rigging which adds a lot of bulk and weight to our setups.

    That’s where the PDMOVIE LIVE AIR 2S is different. It is extremely small and lightweight. The motor is powered by 2 swappable Li-42B batteries – meaning there is no need to rig external power – and the control wheel has a diameter that is just slightly larger than a US quarter.

    This system is so small that you might not even realize you have it on your camera. Let’s have a look at some of the specs.



    These are high torque Bluetooth motors that offer low latency, fast response times, and are very quiet. They come with standard 0.8Mod gears and can be operated at a distance of up to 100M.

    According to the manufacturer it can run for an entire shoot day on a single battery. But best of all, you don’t have to rig up an external power solution that will cover the rear monitor or make the rig awkward.

    PDMovie LIVE AIR 2S – Controller (PDL-TC-AFX)


    This controller is very small and can be positioned on your camera rig or monitor wherever you have an available 1/4”-20 thread. It uses a replaceable LIR2477 battery that has a runtime of 10-12 hours.


    One especially neat accessory for the PDMOVIE LIVE AIR 2S controller is the Remote Air Rig. It is a handwheel extension that the PDL-TC-AFX slots into for a more professional handheld setup. Additional PDL-TC-AFX controllers attach to the available 1/4”-20 threads on the rig for FIZ control.

    Remote Air App


    The Remote Air App provides control over up to 6 PD-BTMP motors right from your mobile device. Since each motor is independent, you can set one or two to work with the app while still using the PDL-TC-AFX to control the other.

    The app can also be used to control additional devices in PDMOVIE’s live ecosystem.

    Live Car & Live Wheel


    In addition to the upcoming LIVE AIR 2S, PDMOVIE also have a motorized slider and configurable pan/tilt head waiting in the wings. The Live Car is a short slider dolly, and the Live Wheel is a pan or tilt motor platform. The pair can be configured to create a full motion control system that works with the PDL-TC-AFX controller or Remote Air app.


    You can pre-order the PDMOVIE LIVE AIR 2S directly from PDMOVIE’s website for only $219 (link) – a 5% discount. (We have no connection with the company and have not tested the device.) The company states the units will be delivered on November 1st.

    Owners of the PDMOVIE LIVE AIR 2 system can order the PDL-TC-AFX controller for $149.

    Are you looking for a compact wireless follow focus system? Think you’d give the PDMovie Live Air 2S a shot? Let us know in the comments below.

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