RØDE VideoMic Me-C – Now Available as a Standalone Unit

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  1. In November 2020, RØDE announced a series of vlogger kits for smartphone content creators. These kits included the so-called VideoMic Me-L (Apple lightning) or VideoMic Me-C (USB-C – for Android) compact microphone. Since the original VideoMic Me (3.5mm jack) and VideoMic Me-L are already available separately, it is only natural that the Android USB-C version is now also available as a standalone device.

    If you use your trusty smartphone for more than making calls and checking mails (read: video), this tiny microphone might be of interest. It connects via USB-C, so any recent Android phone should be eligible here. Once plugged in, the microphone will handle incoming audio at a much higher quality than your phone’s built-in microphone.

    The VideoMic Me is a directional microphone, which means it picks up your voice and avoids noise coming from behind or from the sides.

    RØDE VideoMic Me-C. Image credit: RØDE

    The best camera is the one you have with you, they say. And, lo and behold, that camera will probably be your phone. So if camera equals video for you, what about audio then? Tiny camera, huge microphone and dangling cables? No, thanks. Just like a pocketsize phone, you’ll want a solution that’s suitable for on-the-go use.

    The RØDE VideoMic Me-C comes with a Windshield. Image credit: RØDE

    And the RØDE VideoMic Me-C could be a good solution here, maybe add a windshield and off you go. Vlog wherever you are without having to think much about gear. Sounds good?

    RØDE VideoMic Me-C

    But maybe you don’t need a full kit, or you already have a small tripod to assist with holding your smartphone, but you’re still missing a decent microphone. That’s where the standalone RØDE VideoMic Me-C comes in. Just like the already available VideoMic Me and VideoMic Me-L for Apple iPhones, the C version is now available for purchase separately.

    This lowers the cost and allows for more flexibility when it comes to building a rig for your smartphone camera setup. For monitoring purposes, the RØDE VideoMic Me-C sports a 3.5mm headphone out. Since USB-C is agnostic to orientation, the microphone works with both rear-facing and selfie cameras on your mobile device (current USB-C-powered Apple iPads work, too!). Simply rotate the microphone 180º, plug it in again and you’re good to go.

    Pricing and availability

    Although these kits are not exactly expensive, having a choice is always welcome. The VideoMic Me-C costs only $79, so if you value good quality audio, you probably want to consider this mic. It comes with a windshield as well as a plastic clip that is meant to keep the microphone securely in place once it is connected to your phone.

    RØDE Reporter app. Image credit: RØDE

    There’s also a new “RØDE Reporter” app available for free (download via Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore). You can use it to easily record and publish high quality audio recordings.

    Link: RØDE

    What do you think? Is this tiny microphone something you would consider when shooting with your smartphone? Or would you prefer a fully-fledged cine-cam package with ” proper” microphones? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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