Cinematoraphy Tether Tools introduces two new products to ONsite Power solutions

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    The ONsite Power System from Tether Tools expands with the addition of the ONsite Versa V-Mount and ONsite Power Plug Angle Adapter, for an even easier use of the versatile solution.

    Available since November 2018, ONsite Power from Tether Tools allows users to harness the power of D-Tap batteries to charge multiple devices, from laptops or camera batteries to LED monitors and lights. With two AC outlets and four fast-charging USB ports to keep photographers and videographers powered on the go, the ONsite Power is like having a couple of power outlets that you always carry with you.

    The system is designed to be expandable, and Tether Tools is now introducing two new products: the ONsite Versa V-Mount and ONsite Power Plug Angle Adapter. The new ONsite Versa V-Mount offers a flexible, portable, and safe way to efficiently mount the ONsite Power System to a stand, tripod leg, hook, or cart using common grip gear. The versatile product enables, says the company, “the user to attach a 5/8” Baby Stud from either side of the Versa V-Mount, use a grip with a female 1/4”-20 to clamp from the top, or mount to a camera strap to the top using either a 1/4”-20 mount or included Hitch D-Ring to keep power close at hand.”


    A new plug angle adapter

    The ONsite D-Tap to AC Power Supply is secured to the Versa V-Mount via hook-and-loop, allowing the Power Supply to be easily removed and connected to the ONsite Aero V-Mount when using the Tether Table Aero. The ONsite D-Tap Battery connects to the ONsite Versa V-Mount plate using a quick release V-Mount plate with female D-Tap connector, powering the Power Supply.

    The second addition to ONsite Power is the ONsite Power Plug Angle Adapter which replaces the long bulky power cord on a camera battery or laptop charger, eliminating cable clutter. The Power Plug Angle Adapter is a sleek, right-angled adapter which enables a photographer or videographer to plug their charger flush against a wall outlet, power strip, or ONsite D-Tap to AC Power Supply.


    A complete ONsite Power system

    “With the ONsite Versa V-Mount and accompanying ONsite Power products, Tether Tools is proud to offer a versatile solution for photographers, videographers, and digitechs to keep their laptop powered, and charge up camera batteries and other gear on location,” said Josh Simons, Tether Tools President.

    “I loved the convenience of ONsite Power. I always travel with an inverter to charge camera batteries or a laptop, but this was even better because I could recharge even with the car off,” said Chris Nicholson, Photographer/Instructor for National Parks at Night.

    The ONsite Versa V-Mount costs $ 99.99. The ONsite Power Plug Angle Adapter, available in US, EU, UK, and AU plug versions, costs $ 8.99. The complete ONsite Power System and accessories are now available through Tether Tools’ authorized resellers and sold direct online at

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