Tilta Camera Cage for Sony a7C Released

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    The Tilta full camera cage for the Sony a7C protects the camera and offers multiple mounting points – 1/4″-20 threads with locating pins, two cold shoes, and more. Starting at $69, the cage offers a lightweight aluminum body and compatibility with many Tilta accessories and handles.

    Announced in September 2020, the a7C is Sony’s most compact full-frame camera. It is, in fact, currently the most compact full-frame camera body after SIGMA fp and fp L. When it comes to the internals, there are many similarities with the Sony a7III – the camera records only 8-bit video up to 4K30 or FHD 120p. Tilta now released a full camera cage for the Sony a7C, so let’s take a look at it.

    Tilta Camera Cage for Sony a7C

    Tilta full camera cage protects the camera body and adds multiple 1/4″-20 mounting points (many of which have locating pins to prevent rotation), two cold shoe mounts as well as a Rod Attachment Port which supports Tilta’s Single Rod Holders for mounting a 15mm rod to the camera. The base of the cage provides several off-center mounting threads to easily fine-tune the position of the base plate and balance of the setup on a gimbal for example.

    Sony a7C camera cage. Source: Tilta

    Tilta cage includes a Manfrotto Quick Release Plate that allows users to easily mount this cage to any Manfrotto receiver. It also supports Tilta’s 15mm LWS Baseplate as well as a variety of Tilta’s handles such as the Quick Release Top Handle.

    Sony a7C camera cage – top & bottom. Source: Tilta

    The dimensions of the bare aluminum cage are 139 x 94 x 54mm and it weighs 150g. It comes in grey or black color. The front of the cage resembles a “7C” pattern with the diagonal support pillar. Last but not least, the cage is also compatible with a variety of lens adapter supports (such as PL or EF mount).

    Sony a7C camera cage – different configurations. Source: Tilta
    Price and availability

    The Tilta camera cage for the Sony a7C is now available for purchase. You can either buy the cage only for $69 or choose from three pre-configured sets:

    • Kit A includes the cage plus the lightweight Quick Release Top Handle and costs $135
    • Kit B includes the cage plus Tiltaing Left Side Wooden Handle with attachment and costs $119
    • Kit C is the largest one. Apart from the cage, it includes Tiltaing Left Side Wooden Handle with attachment, Tiltaing Lightweight Quick Release Top Handle, Tiltaing Mini Clamp-on Matte Box(MB-T15), the LWS Baseplate with two 200mm rods, 15mm Bottom Single Rod Holder, and Tiltaing Mini Follow Focus(FF-T06). The price for the Kit C is $399

    Do you use the Sony a7C? How do you like the Tilta cage for the a7C? Do you have experience with other Tilta products? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section underneath the article.

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