Tilta Releases new Tiltaing Camera Cages for Wide Range of Cameras

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    Tilta released many new camera cages under the Tiltaing brand. There are new cages for cameras like Nikon Z series, Panasonic LUMIX S and GH series, Sony a7/a9/a6000 series, Z CAM, Canon 5D/7D series, FUJIFILM X-T3, and Blackmagic Pocket 4K and 6K cameras.

    New Tiltaing camera cages. Source: Tilta

    A camera cage is a vital accessory. If you are using a mirrorless or DSLR camera for filmmaking, you usually need a cage to mount all the necessary equipment and protect the camera body.

    In case you don’t know this brand name, Tiltaing is Tilta’s initiative to bring various external product ideas into production and share the profits with the designer. At least this used to be the idea. We informed you about Tiltaing in April 2018 from the NAB.

    I am not sure if this is still the case, but Tilta keeps releasing affordable gear under the Tiltaing brand. Lately, Tilta released, for example, the affordable Tiltaing Mini Matte Box and Mini Follow Focus. Now they are releasing new cages for many mirrorless and DSLR cameras. Which cages did exactly Tilta release?

    New Tiltaing Camera Cages

    All new Tiltaing cages are very affordable. The bare cage is priced around $99. They released new cages for the following cameras:

    New Tiltaing camera cages. Source: Tilta

    All cages are made of aluminium alloy with some small steel parts. They are available either in Tilta Gray color or Tactical Gray. Some might only be available in Tilta Gray though. As with other Tilta cages, they are not made out of a single piece of aluminium. They rather consist of multiple parts bolted together.

    All the cages offer protection for the camera body and equip it with some extra 1/4″ and 3/8″ mounting threads, sometimes extra cold shoes, etc. All the cages also shouldn’t obstruct any of the ports, buttons, and slots of the camera.

    Tilta has a wide variety of accessories available for every cage, including top handles, side handles, 15mm rods base, SSD holders, powering options, etc. Every user should be able to find the right accessory to have a functioning rig.

    Price and Availability

    As all Tiltaing products, the new cages come with a very friendly price tag. The basic packages with cages only are all priced at $99. The only exception are cages for Z Cam, which are priced at $129 and the half cage for BMPCC 4K and 6K, which is priced at $69.

    What do you think of these new cages? Do you use some cage from Tilta? How do you like its quality? Let us know in the comments underneath the article.

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