Uppbeat SFX Launched – Free Sound Effects for Content Creators

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    Uppbeat is a new subscription-based music platform and just brought SFX into the mix. With a fairly extensive and well-organized SFX library, you can easily find the perfect effects to take the sound design of your videos to the next level.

    Check out our coverage of the launch of Uppbeat’s music service from earlier this year.

    Sound effects & clips

    Image credit: Uppbeat

    With a layout that looks more like the Netflix Home Screen than the unsearchable folders from most SFX libraries, Uppbeat is really easy to navigate.

    SFX are broken down into categories that are more geared toward social media (Fail, Badass, What?!, etc) but they also took the time to include sounds for Environments, Cinematic hits, and transitions, and even curated Sound Kits by genre.

    The layout is minimalistic and simple, making searching for something quick and easy. This is extremely important when you’re on a deadline and looking for the perfect audio clip.


    A test search for a ‘boom hit’ loads in 135 clips in under 3 seconds on my system. Whatsmore, the loading times to preview those clips seem almost non-existent. Quick hits, whooshes, and rumbles are SFX that editors are constantly using for promotional works. Just the load times to preview them from other libraries are often longer than the clips themselves.

    All-in-all, I’d give Uppbeat an A+ for their interface, speed, and the fantastic quality of their audio samples.

    Free music for creators


    Proclaiming themselves to be the first ‘freemium’ music services, Uppbeat offers content creators 10 free tracks per month. Unfortunately, freemium accounts are limited to 50% of the Uppbeat catalog, which is still a lot! They also offer a premium package for $6.99/month with unlimited downloads and are currently running a 3-year-plan promotion for $99.99 ($2.78/month) or a lifetime plan for just $199.99.

    Uppbeat SFX’ use of the content

    Uppbeat’s music and SFX services are intended mainly for social media postings. They limit the use to businesses with 10 employees or fewer. You can use their music on any open distribution platform, but keep in mind that any content you’re creating for larger companies or paid advertisements requires a commercial license from Music Vine.

    For more information, please head to Uppbeat’s website.

    Featured image credit: Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels | Edited by CineD

    What do you think of Uppbeat’s subscription service? What have your experiences been with using subscription-based music and SFX services for your projects? Let us know in the comments below.

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