Vision Research Phantom VEO 1310 High-Speed Camera Released

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    Vision Research, the company specialized in high-speed cameras, has just released a new lightweight and compact model that expands its VEO series of cameras: the Phantom VEO 1310. This new model can capture footage at up to 14,350 fps in HD 720P and features a native ISO of 6400 in color mode, or 25.000 in monochrome. Let’s take a closer look at it!

    Phantom VEO 1310 – Features

    As filmmakers, you probably know Vision Research for its Phantom Flex4K line of high-speed cinema cameras. Otherwise, they have several other series of cameras, including Miro, VEO, and Machine Vision. Phantom VEO cameras are compact, rugged, and full of premium features. Also, Vision Research just expended its VEO lineup with the Phantom VEO 1310. This tiny 5″ cube is made out of milled aluminum and weighs only 6lbs/2.7kg.

    The VEO 1310 is the “most light-sensitive VEO available,” according to Vision Research. Indeed, the native ISO of the Phantom VEO 1310 is 25,000 ISO in monochrome mode, and 6400 ISO in color. The greater sensibility is achieved by using a 1 Megapixel CMOS sensor that measures 23 mm x 17.3 mm. The pixels are larger, so the camera is more light-sensitive.

    The Phantom VEO 1310 S. Image credit: Vision Research

    The Phantom VEO 1310 is available in two versions: L (light) and S (full) body styles, depending on your needs. Both versions feature an SDI and HDMI video output, a 12V battery input. You can purchase an additional 10Gb ethernet adapter if you need to control the camera remotely.

    The difference between the two models is that the S version features six additional input/output ports, including TC in/out, trigger, strobe, F-sync, and ready port. Also, the S model includes a CFast 2.0 port (up to 512Gb) and on-camera controls. Finally, the lens mount is user interchangeable. You have the choice between Nikon, PL, C, and Canon EF mounts, with electronic control.

    Image credit: Vision Research

    Frame Rates and Formats

    Now the fun part, the VEO 1310 can record at various framerates and resolutions, including:

    • 1280 x 960 at 10,860 fps.
    • 1280 x 720 at 14,350 fps.
    • 960 x 960 at 13,333 fps.
    • 640 x 480 at 30,030 fps.
    • And 320 x 12 at up to a whopping 423,350 fps.
    The Phantom VEO 1310 S. Image credit: Vision Research

    Of course, it is not the largest resolution available out there, and the HD 720P resolution can be limiting for filmmaking purposes. With such high framerates, it means a lot of data to store. You can record to the internal 18GB / 36GB / 72GB internal ram, or onto CFast 2.0 cards (S-model only).

    The camera records in various formats, including Cine RAW & Cine Compressed (12-bit), AVI, H.264, Apple ProRes, Multipage TIFF, MXF, Uncompressed QuickTime, Windows BMP, OS/2 BMP, PCX, TGA, TIFF, LEAD, JPEG JTIF, RAW, DNG, DPX.

    Image credit: Vision Research

    Pricing and Availability

    There is currently no information about the pricing or availability of the Phantom VEO 1310. We will update this post once we find out.

    Colleague Nino Leitner shot a documentary about rhino preservation with the Phantom Flex 4K some years ago, which you can see by clicking here. He also shared a lot of production insights in that post.

    What do you think about the Phantom VEO 1310? Did you already shoot with any Phantom highspeed camera? Let us know in the comments below!

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