Z CAM IPMAN Gemini and Gemini Pro Introduced – HDMI Monitoring Adapters

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    Z CAM recently introduced two new video monitoring accessories: the IPMAN Gemini and Gemini Pro. The Gemini is an HDMI to USB Type-C adapter that turns your Android smartphone into an on-camera monitor, but you can also use it for video streaming applications. The Gemini Pro is a dual HDMI to USB Type-C converter, which can be helpful for live streaming applications. Let’s take a closer look at these new adapters!

    Chinese manufacturer Z CAM is mainly known for making cinema cameras, including the Z CAM E2 that got 12-bit ProRes RAW support and ProRes 422 internal recording capabilities in all modes. But, Z CAM entered the camera accessories market with their Z CAM EVF and, more recently, the Z CAM IPMAN S wireless video system.

    The company recently released two new products in their IPMAN lineup: the Z CAM IPMAN Gemini and Gemini Pro.

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    Z CAM IPMAN Gemini features

    The Z CAM IPMAN Gemini is an HDMI to USB Type-C converter that can turn your Android smartphone phone into an on-camera monitor.

    This adapter can take resolutions up to 4K at 30 fps or FullHD 1080p60. Then, the IPMAN Gemini converts this video signal into a 1080p60 max. USB signal. You can connect that USB Type-C output to an Android smartphone or any Mac/PC for live streaming purposes.

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    When connecting the USB Type-C output of the IPMAN Gemini to an Android smartphone, you get access to features such as “false color, gridline display, and magnifier feature for focus pulling,” according to Z CAM. It is not clear if it will require a dedicated smartphone app, but I guess Z CAM will come with its own App.

    Also, Z CAM mentions that you can get camera control over your smartphone. It means that you can trigger recording, adjust your ISO/Aperture/EV adjustments via your phone, which sounds incredible. However, at the moment, only a couple of cameras are supported, including the Z CAM E2 series, Panasonic GH5s, and Sony Alpha series cameras.

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    Speaking of camera control, you’ll need to connect your camera to the IPMAN Gemini via the devices’ USB-A port.

    The Z CAM IPMAN Gemini allows you to record the HDMI video feed on your smartphone and stream it to other devices through a wireless connection. The Gemini doesn’t require a battery, but it can charge your smartphone if you connect a battery to the USB-C PD power input port.

    Image credit: Z CAM
    Z CAM IPMAN Gemini Pro features

    The Z CAM IPMAN Gemini Pro is a dual HDMI to USB Type-C converter. The Gemini Pro can take up to two 4K30p signals or two FullHD 1080p60 video feeds and convert it to a USB 1080p60 (max.) signal.

    Image credit: Z CAM

    On the Gemini Pro, the USB Type-C output can be connected to a Mac/PC only, which will recognize it as a USB camera without the need to install any drivers. In addition, according to Z CAM, you can use the Gemini Pro with software such as “OBS or any other streaming software on Mac/PC to view both HDMI feeds.”

    Price and availability

    The Z CAM IPMAN Gemini retails for $59.90 and should start shipping at the end of this month. You’ll find a smartphone holder, a mounting mount, and a USB-C to USB-C connecting cable in the package.

    The IPMAN Gemini Pro is $49.90 and should also start shipping by the end of September.

    For more information, please visit Z CAM’s website here.

    What do you think about these new Z CAM IPMAN video converters? Do you believe the IPMAN Gemini could replace your regular on-camera monitor? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments down below!

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