Cinematoraphy ADATA: new portable HDDs with 5TB capacity

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    In an era of 8K video content gigabytes seem a term of the past. That’s why ADATA created the 5 TB HV300 model. And the HD330, if you need the extra protection, against drop,s knocks and bumps.

    Just when you thought an HDD couldn’t get any thinner, it does. The 2 TB variant of the HV300 sports a super-slim 10.3 mm profile (19mm for the other versions) that will be pleasing to your eyes and equally satisfying to grasp in your hands. The HV300 is one of ADATA’s slimmest large capacity external hard drives to date, slips easily into the pockets of briefcases and backpacks, features a sleek and sophisticated design that’s sure to impress, and is available in four colors: black, red, white and blue.


    The HV300 comes in capacities of 1 TB, 2 TB, 4 TB and 5 TB to meet the needs of different users, whether for backing up work files or storing 4K movies, and it transfers that data fast with USB 3.1. It is equipped with ADATA’s proprietary shock sensors, which immediately ceases all drive activity if any impact is detected, thereby minimizing the occurrence of errors and bad sectors. What’s more it has HDDtoGO software with AES-256 bit encryption to keep the user’s important data safe from prying eyes.


    The second solution from ADATA is the HD330, designed with durability in mind, featuring a robust silicone layer that protects it and the data inside from accidental knocks, drops and bumps that these devices will endure in their lifetime. Combined with the same shock sensors featured on the HV300, users can rest assure that their data will remain intact, even after a nasty drop. Users will know when the shock sensors are at work when the indicator light flashes red. The HD330 also comes in capacities of 1 TB, 2 TB, 4 TB and 5 TB, features HDDtoGO software with AES-256 bit encryption, and empowered with fast transfer rates via USB 3.1.

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