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  1. Bright Tangerine is out at NAB 2018 with a slew of new products covering everything from Alexa Mini and prototype Canon C200 accessories to a new matte box dubbed the Clash 138. Details below:


    Clash 138 Matte Box:

    As a Misfit Atom owner I’ve enjoyed its lightweight, gimbal friendly and easy to use design that works with both 4×4 and 4×5.65 filters. Now, we have a newcomer matte box built on the foundation of the Misfit Atom: the Clash 138. Weighing only 177 grams, the Clash 138 can also accommodate up to two 4×4 or 4 x5.65 filters. You can also fit a single 138mm circular filter for polarization.

    Just like the Misfit Atom, the Clash 138 is aimed at ENG shooters, steadicam and aerial work.


    Titan Arm Quick Release System:

    The Titan Arm, Bright Tangerine’s answer to the articulating arm, now has several new accessories including a 15mm rod adaptor (see above picture) for use with 3/8″ or 1/4″ quick release brackets. A optional modification, the quick release system replaces the standard 1/4 or 3/8 ends that ship normally with the arm. Pricing on the new Titan Arm accessories are as follows: 15mm Rod Adaptor ($24.00), 15mm Rod Adaptor ($37.00 for a set of two), 3/8″ Quick Release Anti Twist Bracket ($79.00), 3/8″ to 1/4″ Anti-Twist Adaptor ($39.00) and 1/4″ Quick Release Bracket ($79.00).


    Alexa Mini Accessories:

    The Alexa Mini now has a full range of accessories including a power distribution module for both V and Gold Mount. The module includes the following ports: 1 x D-Tap, 1x Twist D-Tap, 3x Lemo 2-Pin, 1x5v USB Output, 1x 3-Pin Fischer 24V (Regulated). There is also a single Lemo 8-pin 12/24V input port. Available accessories also include a left and right side cheese plate and a 19mm Quick Release studio bridge plate. The first accessories for the Alexa Mini from Bright Tangerine will begin shipping at the “start of May, 2018.”


    Canon C200 Accessories:

    Bright Tangerine has also developed a quick release bridge plate, carry handles and accessories that fit the Canon C200 (see above photo). Although, these accessories are still in the prototype phase and additional information on pricing and a ship date is not available.

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