Cinematoraphy Day 4 #28daysofQuickTips 2018 – Move Up Move Down in Media Composer

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  1. Premiere Pro (and okay maybe Final Cut Pro 7 Classic editors if there are any really still out there) editors coming over to Avid Media Composer, you’ll love this shortcut. Longtime Avid editors… this is reason alone to upgrade.


    With one keystroke Avid editors can now move a clip or clips up and down from one track to another without a click and drag of the mouse. No more holding down a modifier so it’ll snap, no more watching frame indicators to make sure you didn’t accidentally move a clip to the left or right. It’s finally easy!


    I mapped mine to Shift Up/Down arrows. Careful as Media Composer will overwrite clips that may be in the way as you move up or down. No clip collisions, only over-writtens.

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