Cinematoraphy Day 9 #28daysofQuickTips 2018 – Quickly connect a title in Final Cut Pro X

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    One of the strengths of Final Cut Pro X is its fancy graphics and titles, courtesy of Motion templates, 3D text and a very active third party development ecosystem. But I often find that more times than not I’m looking for a very simple title and/or lower third way more often that the fancy stuff. And it was only recently that I learned I don’t have to dig into the Titles and Generators sidebar to find those most basic of titles.

    They live right under the Edit > Connect Title menu.


    From there you can connect either a Basic Title or Basic Lower Third. And, of course, they have a keyboard shortcut which can be mapped to something else if you so choose.


    FCPX says Connect as these basic titles will be added a Connected Clips to your timeline. This is a simple tip but it can save a lot of time especially if you’re adding a lot of titles as placeholders.

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