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  1. Filmstro has just announced an additional tier for accessing their music soundtrack catalogue: The Filmstro Free Music offering. Choose from over 1,000 soundtracks and use them for your non-paid projects. The catch? Those tracks for YouTube or Vimeo usage will be up to 90 seconds long . All tracks are 100% free and YouTube cleared already.


    Filmstro: Adapt Music to Your Edit, Not the Other Way Around

    If you aren’t familiar with Filmstro’s unique way of adapting their music catalogue to your timeline, read this article to get you up to speed. Basically, it’s all about three sliders: Momentum, Depth and Power. With these you can adapt your choice of soundtrack to your given timeline. Imagine that you adapt the music to your edit, not the other way around.

    Filmstro Free Music

    The new freemium offering by Filmstro enables you to download any soundtrack you like out of over 1,000 pieces available. You can use that soundtrack for all your non-paid projects even if you have the monetize option on YouTube enabled on your video(s). The only thing that isn’t covered by this free license is paid work. For that you would have to sign up for a paid tier.

    And, back to the iconic three sliders, these can’t be used once you downloaded your choice of soundtrack. You can still use them for finding the perfect soundtrack for your given project but after that you won’t be able to tweak the music any further. You get a standard stereo track of music, delivered in an mp3 file.

    The new music page on, complete with Momentum, Depth and Power sliders.

    To me, this is a really great way to get familiar with Filmstro’s music library and check out how one of their bespoke soundtracks works with a given timeline. You can use the soundtrack for free, even on Vimeo or Youtube, no catches here. You can use the soundtracks for your personal website, showreel, film festival submissions and screenings (non-distribution), social media, free podcasts, free tutorials, free games, free apps, and crowdfunding videos.

    Here is what the founders of Filmstro have to say about their new offering:

    We had originally started Filmstro because we wanted to build empowering tools for filmmakers and that ethos hasn’t changed. We’re inspired by companies like HitFilm to create some real value for our community and we think that it’s about time that ‘Freemium’ offerings came to the music industry, and we’re excited about being the company to do that!

    The reason why this is labled freemium seems reasonable to me. Once you choose to tweak the downloaded soundtrack even further to your edit, you’ll need a paid subscription (plus the plugin for your NLE of choice, of course). Once you work on a paid project, you’ll need a paid subription, too. Fair enough.


    Well, it’s free. Once you choose to dig deeper and sign up for a paid subcription you’ll have to choose a plan. For $9.99 you’ll get the same license structure as the Filmstro free music offering but now you can adapt the soundtrack. You can keyframe the music and tweak the three sliders to match the music to your edit. A 30-day pass for $14.99 or an annual tier for $99.99 is also available. Find out about all the options by clicking here.

    The Filmstro app.

    If you want to use Filmstro for your paid work you want to look at the freelancer tier. Depending on your work you can choose between a $24.99 /month and a $49.99 /month tier. There are plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro X available. You can download the Filmstro app for both Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.


    What do you think? Will you give this new Filmstro free music offering a test ride? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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