Cinematoraphy K-Tek Airo – An Affordable Filmmaker Audio Kit

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  1. K-Tek, makers of pro level audio equipment, have created the Airo — a budget friendly kit that provides an entry into the boom pole world for anyone looking to make the jump one-day into professional production. Details and price point below:


    The kit, priced at $250, includes the following: Boom Pole extendable to 10’10” w/Shock Mount, a softie (for wind protection), a 25′ XLR cable and a carrying bag.

    K-Tek Airo

    Not included in the kit, but also available in the Airo line is a mixer bag (capable of holding the Zoom H4, F8 and Sound Devices MixPre 3 & 6) and a c-stand boom pole. The c-stand boom pole mount is especially useful for long duration interviews. Trust me. You don’t want to be handling a boom pole for a 45 minute sit-down interview.

    Check out the product video below for more information on the K-Tek Airo line:

    This seems like a great starter kit for anyone interested in breaking into professional field audio work. The build quality, given the price, seems rugged and considering the K-Tek brand has had a history of success in this category this appears to be a kit poised to launch a few students or entry level folks into the audio profession.

    Pricing and Availability

    The K-Tek Airo line of audio gear is available now and you can get the aformentioned kit, including the boompole with shockmount, softie, bag and XLR cable, for $250.

    More information on the K-Tek Airo Kit is here: LINK

    What do you think? Could this be a decent entry-level audio kit? Let us now in the comments below!

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