Cinematoraphy Let’s Edit with Media Composer – What’s New in 2018.7

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  1. In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe discusses the newest release of Media Composer, 2018.7, and with it comes one of the first big promised features of Media Composer, and that is the Live Timeline. This, plus some other great new additions, makes 2018.7 an update that you’ll seriously want to consider.

    New Features of Media Composer 2018.7

    16K Project Presets
    Activating AC3 Separately
    Support for Full Frame Stereoscopic with Avid Artist DNxIQ
    Thin Raster Support with Open I/O Hardware
    Resizable Composer window
    Working with BXF Files
    Preview Growing Sequences and Clips while Exporting to DNxHR or DNxHD
    Exporting XDCAM OP1a Media
    Performing an Insert Edit to an Exported Sequence
    Support for NewTek® NDI Video over IP
    Live Timeline
    Support for High Frame Rate Projects (100, 119.88, 120)

    Twitter: @kpmcauliffe

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