Cinematoraphy Luma Touch expands wireless media management with WD devices

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    There are good news for LumaFusion editors using Western Digital wireless storage devices: it is now possible to wirelessly preview footage from their WD wireless drives directly from within LumaFusion.

    Luma Touch announced it has teamed up with Western Digital Corporation to integrate wireless media management workflows between Western Digital wireless storage devices and LumaFusion, the industry-popular iOS mobile video editing app designed specifically for mobile filmmakers, journalists, YouTube creators and anyone looking to create better video using mobile devices and gear.

    Luma Touch has since its introduction aimed to expand the integration of the tool with other products. ProVideo Coalition announced, last May, that Luma Touch had entered a partnership with the creators of the GNARBOX 2.0 SSD, to develop a custom integrated workflow for LumaFusion, offering new options, as it enabled wireless media management workflow for LumaFusion editors.

    With this new integration, which continues to follow the same logic, LumaFusion editors who have large media files can now wirelessly preview footage from their Western Digital wireless drives directly from within LumaFusion, and selectively import media to the LumaFusion timeline.


    This custom integration elevates the standard for editing long and short-form content on mobile devices, and offers additional options for LumaFusion users who may be using a variety of wireless media management solutions.

    Specific to the Western Digital integration, Luma Touch – working closely with the Western Digital team – has enabled a number of mobile editing workflow benefits including the ability to:

    • Browse media from your WD My Passport (Wireless, Pro and SSD models – including any inserted SD cards) directly from the LumaFusion library (no need to import) with icons for photos and videos;
    • Tap on photos, videos and music to preview and trim in LumaFusion without having to wait for media to download;
    • Automatically download media from your Western Digital Wireless drive when you add to the timeline (and continue editing while the media downloads);
    • Export your finished projects directly to your Western Digital Wireless drive

    LumaFusion with Western Digital integration is available immediately and is free to existing customers upgrading to version 1.6 who have a Western Digital drive wirelessly connected. For new customers, LumaFusion is available for download from the Apple App Store and is priced at $19.99.

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