Cinematoraphy Manfrotto Releases Cinematic Family of Bags

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  1. Manfrotto has released two new bags aimed at Canon C300 and Sony FS5 style camera users and one primarily for gimbal shooters. Both bags are part of the new “Cinematic” line. Details below:


    Manfrotto Cinematic Backpack Expand

    The Cinematic Backpack Expand comes equipped with your favorite features from previous Manfrotto bags (ie. rain covers), but with the addition of an expandable pouch mean’t to accommodate the top handle of the Canon C300 MK II. One of the challenges with the Canon Cinema EOS line of cameras in particular is the height of the camera when sitting on a table. It just doesn’t have a longer ENG-style form factor that makes it easier to set in a backpack or camera run bag.

    True to the name, the Expand Backpack from Manfrotto has an expandable padded pouch that allows the top handle of the Cinema EOS line ample room for sitting directly in the bag. It seems like a small change, but in practice you won’t need to break down your camera for travel quite as much, which leads to… more shots!

    Manfrotto Cinematic Backpack Balance

    With the Cinematic Backpack Balance, you’ll find a bag more suitable for your Sony A7R III (or similar sized DSLR) and a DJI Ronin M style gimbal. A side pouch allows the full top handle of the Ronin M room to fit inside the bag. Again, saving time and allowing the gimbal to be packed in a configuration closer to its final shooting arrangement.

    While an easy fit with the DJI Ronin M, you’ll find other gimbals in the same size and weight category will fit in this bag as well.


    Like prior Manfrotto bags, you’ll be able to attach a small tripod or a shoulder rig to an exterior back strap for carrying and the base of the bag has extra padding to protect interior gear from damage when setting the bag down.

    Pricing and Availability

    Both the Manfrotto Expand and Manfrotto Balance version cost $279 and are available as of now.

    What do you think of these? Share your thought s about this new line of useful backpacks and let us know in the comments below!

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