Cinematoraphy SmallHD Suffers Millions in Lost Inventory Due to Fire

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  1. Wes Philips, CEO of SmallHD, posted a video on YouTube outlining an April fire that cost the company “millions” in lost inventory. While the fire didn’t directly hit the company’s warehouse in Cary, North Carolina, their entire facility was filled with smoke. No injuries occurred, but the company is just now getting back to normal operations. Details below:

    Image Credit: SmallHD

    Multiple products are seeing shipping delays because of the incident. SmallHD has a breakdown of inventory availability at the link HERE.

    The full video is below outlining the fire and how the company is recovering:

    While the company suffered a massive setback it sounds like everyone has really come together and in some cases are “working outside their job description” to get full operations back up and running.

    “Despite the fact this fire was a downer and a setback for us. We are really, really excited for the future.” – Wes Philips, CEO of SmallHD
    Image Credit: SmallHD

    Writer Note: Here at cinema5d we post about and use SmallHD products all the time. We wish Wes and all the other members of the team well.

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