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  1. New Features in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

    Adobe Premiere Pro CC had a decent update at NAB 2018. Like everyone else, Jeff Greenberg immediately wanted to know what the new features were. After reviewing the list, Jeff put together his top 5 favorite new features in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Some of these features are new within the last year, but not in the most recent update. His list includes the following new tools:

    1. Shot Comparison and Matching

    Shot Comparison in Premiere Pro

    Adobe Premiere Pro CC includes new tools for shot matching. The first is a split view in the program monitor. This allows you to view two clips at once. There is also a new tool for automatic color matching by analyzing both shots. Faces can be analyzed before applying the color match to ensure similar skin tones.

    2. Multiple Lockable Projects

    Last fall, Adobe updated Premiere with new a new Shared Projects architecture. This allows multiple editors to work with the same group of Projects at once. In this case, each project is treated like a bin. Shared Projects can be locked and unlocked. This prevents overlap when saving changes to a timeline or bin. Valentina Vee and Raibar Chener did an overview of Shared Projects last fall.

    3. Essential Graphics Panel

    Essential Graphics Panel

    The Essential Graphics Panel makes it easy to make custom graphics in Premiere. After Effects artists can even make Motion Graphic templates for use in Premiere Pro CC.

    4. Automatic Audio Ducking

    Essential Audio Panel

    In the new version of Premiere, you can now duck audio in the Essential Audio Panel. After assigning tracks to dialogue, music, effects or ambience, Premiere can automatically duck your audio. For example, it can automatically lower the volume of music when dialogue is present. It’s a very handy new tool.

    5. 360 Video Editing

    360 Video Timeline

    Premiere Pro has some great tools for working in a VR environment. You can even edit while wearing at VR headset. Jeff discusses a few of the tools for trimming and reorienting footage. He also covers a few fundamentals of storytelling in 360 video.

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