Cinematoraphy X-Particles Bubble Tank

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    Learn how to generate both natural, and custom text shaped bubbles using X-Particles.

    X-Particles Bubble Tank


    I’m back at it again with more X-Particles creations. Today is all about bubbles. I have been trying to create more natural looking bubbles digitally for awhile now, and I finally stumbled onto a decent solution.

    Today I share with you the process to make a flip domain tank, a couple of simple emitters, a few modifiers, and some Cinema4D Xpresso just cause I like it. Building a bubble tank wasn’t actually as difficult as I thought originally. For years I had been over thinking it.

    About a year ago I had worked on a big animated DCEU logo intro project. You can see bad cell video capture of the final piece on YouTube, or better quality at the beginning of the Wonder Woman movie. I was responsible for all of the smoke, energy, nebula, fluid, and particle effects for the piece. One particular shot I had to take a brute force method approach. I had created X-Particle bubbles via displaced sphere geometry that was mapped onto lots of particles. It worked, but it was tremendously heavy to deal with. Wish I had known what I know today.

    Experimenting with X-Particles has been my greatest past time lately, and the bubbles problem had popped up to the front of my brain recently. I tried a few things before settling in on the solution I explain in the video. I really like the look, and movement of them. This bubble build is also decently lightweight to work with and render too.

    X-Particles bubble sample render. Rendered with Redshift3D.

    This sample render was a promo I made for this tutorial. It uses MoText source geometry to create the words as bubbles. They interact just as easily as the traditional style bubbles do.


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