Best Early Black Friday Deals 2021 – Edelkrone, FilmConvert, CVP and B&H

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  1. It’s still not Black Friday 2021 but still, our inbox is flooded with early deals… so I’d like to highlight some of these deals that are relevant to the filmmaking community. This time around we’re covering deals from Edelkrone, FilmConvert as well as a few select deals from our partners B&H and CVP.

    Edelkrone is known for providing solid tools for demanding indie filmmakers. Their range of (motorized) sliders, motion control heads, jibs, mini-dollies, and all sorts of accessories is pretty impressive, and so are their early Black Friday deals!

    Once you have everything ready for post-production, FilmConvert’s plug-ins can be very useful for getting the look you want without fiddling around too much. And as usual, you’ll find some good deals from B&H and CVP further down in this article. Let’s go!

    Black Friday Deals 2021 – Edelkrone

    Edelkrone makes it very easy for me to write this article: they simply offer a 30% discount on everything they have in store. That’s a good deal, I’d say. To highlight a few of their offers, I’ve put together the following list, but make sure to search for any specific item you might need.

    image credit: Edelkrone
    FilmConvert / CineMatch Deals 2021

    FilmConvert is a highly acclaimed film emulation plugin (article here) for most popular NLEs like Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, or Final Cut Pro. Its latest addition called CineMatch (article here) is no less intriguing as it simplifies the process of mixing and matching different camera makes and models within one visually consistent timeline.

    image credit: FilmConvert

    For Black Friday 2021, you can get each plugin with a stunning 40% discount.

    There is a trial version for each of the two plugins if you don’t know them yet and want to try them out first. The only limitation is an overlaid watermark. FilmConvert Nitrate also requires you to download so-called camera packs for the camera you’ve used, but these are free to download (here’s a list of available packs).

    CVP and B&H

    Both CVP and B&H have been our trusted partners for a long time, and they always have some nice deals for Black Friday, so here we go. Be sure to check prices and availability, as some deals may only apply to limited stock, while others may last a little longer.

    image credit: Laowa


    image credit: Panasonic / Atomos

    CVP (pricing w/o VAT):

    As always with these deals, they just come and go. Some may disappear suddenly, while others may last a little longer while supplies last. So if you really need something for your gear, you should make up your mind quickly and grab one of these deals while they are still available.

    featured image credit: Background photo by Urja Bhatt on Unsplash, edited by CineD.

    What do you think? Is Black Friday something you’ve been waiting for? What are the best Black Friday deals in 2021 in your opinion? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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