Blackmagic Design Updates its Desktop Video Software to Version 11.5

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  1. Quick heads up for anybody who’s working with Blackmagic Design’s range of capture and playback devices such as UltraStudio or DeckLink. Version 11.5 of Blackmagic’s own Desktop Video software adds support for HDR for Premiere Pro and fixes a bunch of issues related to those devices.

    image credit: Blackmagic Design

    In today’s world, a given piece of hardware is only half the story. The other, sometimes even more significant part lies in its software. And since software, in contrast to most hardware, can be updated by the user some fresh lines of code can extend the lifespan of your given hardware significantly. In the case of Blackmagic Design’s Desktop Video software, we’re talking HDR.

    Desktop Video Software 11.5

    If your workflow involves HDR and your weapon of choice is Adobe Premiere Pro this update is for you. Desktop Video software ver. 11.5 adds HDR functionality to the following hardware:

    • UltraStudio 4K Mini
    • UltraStudio 4K Extreme 3
    • DeckLink 8K Pro
    • DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G
    • Avid Artist DNxIQ and Avid Artist DNxID
    Desktop Video Software install screen. Image credit: Blackmagic Design

    Furthermore ver. 11.5 fixes some nagging issues with prior versions:

    • Fix issue in Adobe Premiere Pro that might cause timeline to flash.
    • Fix issue with analog audio level sliders in admin utility on UltraStudio 4K Extreme 3.
    • Improve compatibility with UHD RGB formats on DeckLink Mini Recorder 4K.
    • Fix audio muting issue in Adobe Premiere Pro after moving clips on the timeline during playback.
    • Add ability to recover from failed firmware update for DeckLink PCIe devices.
    • General performance and stability improvements for all models.

    One more thing: Please note that, since Windows 7 has been branded EOL (end of life), this is the last version of Desktop Video to support Windows 7. Time to upgrade, people!

    Range of UltraStudio capture/playback devices. Image credit: Blackmagic Design

    Make sure to read the full change log as well as certain notes on minimum system requirements found in Blackmagic Design’s Support document here. A full manual can be downloaded here. If you’re a developer you also can code your own software in order to interact with the above hardware devices with an all new SDK, which can be found (and downloaded) here.

    Range of DeckLink capture/playback devices. Image credit: Blackmagic Design

    Links: UltraStudio | DeckLink

    Do you use one of the above devices? Is this a update you’ve been waiting for? Let us know in the comments below!

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