Edelkrone Challenge Launched – Win up to $1,250 in Store Credit Each Week

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  1. It’s very easy: Pick a challenge, film using your favorite edelkrone gear, and share your video plus behind the scenes (BTS) content on social media with the hashtag #edelkroneChallenge. Win up to $1,250 in-store credit – each week!

    If you’re into filmmaking, you’ve definitely heard the name edelkrone before. Their portfolio of motion control heads, sliders, jibs, tripods, and all sorts of other useful and unique accessories (such as the newly announced FlexTILT Head PRO) is very popular with indie filmmakers these days.

    Now they’ve come up with a nice way to spark your imagination and give back: the #edelkroneChallenge

    Edelkrone challenge

    With this hashtag, you can enter a very special giveaway challenge that edelkrone has just launched. The rules are pretty simple as all you have to do is 1) shoot a short film with edelkrone gear and 2) post the resulting video and accompanying behind-the-scenes footage on social media with the hashtag #edelkroneChallenge.

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    That’s pretty much it. With a little skill (and luck, of course) you’ll receive a prize in form of store credit for even more edelkrone gear to stick in your bag.

    For now, there are five categories to choose from (with more yet to be revealed). Just pick the one that suits you best and start shooting! VFX, Stop Motion, Time-Lapse, Macro or, uuh mysterious, Freestyle.

    The prizes

    So you’re wondering how high are the prizes you can win? Well, there are three categories from which one winner will be selected each week. The Best Video Award is for the most exceptional video submission of the week. The most creative behind-the-scenes video is awarded the weekly Best BTS Award, and then there’s the Best Videomaker Award, which goes to the most inspiring personality behind the camera.

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    These three prizes will be given away each week, so don’t give up just yet if you haven’t won… just keep shooting and keep the creativity going! Sometimes, and I’m speaking from experience, you need a little push to get going. And this edelkrone challenge could be that gentle $1,250 push.

    For a complete rundown of FAQs including the exact terms and conditions, head over to edelkrone’s website.

    What do you think? Would you participate in a contest like this? Share your thoughts and/or experiences in the comments below!

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