Cinematoraphy Gudsen MOZA Mini-S: a 3-axis smartphone gimbal with selfie stick

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    The MOZA family of gimbals is growing with a new addition, the Mini-S, introduced at CES 2019. It’s a smartphone gimbal that doubles as a fully stabilized selfie stick.

    Gudsen took to CES 2019 with a new solution in terms of gimbals for smartphones, the MOZA Mini-MI, presented as the world’s first wireless phone charging gimbal, as ProVideo Coalition wrote early January. But the company had other products to announce, and kept them secret until the event. It was during CES 2019 that the new MOZA Mini-S was unveiled.


    Gudsen was also present in more news from CES 2019, as Nikon chose the MOZA Air 2 3-Axis Hand-Held Gimbal Stabilizer as the support for its Nikon Z 6 Filmmaker’s Kit, as ProVideo Coalition wrote. With a weight of only 1.6kg and a maximum payload of 4.2kg, the Air 2 features an angled arm for an unobstructed view of the camera screen, long battery life up to 16 hours and can power the camera and other accessories. With smart timelapse, offering track, motion time-lapse, zoom timelapse and more, the Air 2 promises, adds Gudsen, “a more intuitive operation experience thanks to a smart wheel and and OLED display”. But this gimbal is a model designed for DSLRs, Mirrorless and Pocket Cinema cameras, compatible with most models.


    Easier to set up and balance

    In the smartphone segment, the new new Mini-S is a 3-axis smartphone gimbal created for everyone. Designed to be flexible, compact and user-friendly, it is also a full featured gimbal for smartphone filmmakers like the previous Mini-MI. It does not have the wireless phone charging ability, but compared with the previous Mini-MI, says Gudsen, “the Mini-S is easier and quicker to set up and balance.

    Along with an ergonomic design, you can enjoyable the convenience of a hassle-free set-up and indulge more time on your filming. Additional features like short-cut buttons and quick replay, simplify the operation while useful functions such as vertical photography and camera control allow you to diversify your mobile filming style and adapt to different scenarios.”


    Mini-S, a gimbal and selfie stick

    The gimbal also doubles as a selfie stick that extends to 18 inches, giving you a perfect vantage point to capture both photos and video. For some situations it may be an interesting feature, while giving you more than a regular selfie stick, as this is a fully stabilized selfie stick. The foldable design also allows for easy hassle free transportation.

    The Mini-S also boasts various shooting modes, including hyper-lapse mode, slow-motion mode, inception mode, sport gear mode and vertigo mode etc. These additional modes help compliment the tools and ability to capture steady, smooth and cinematic footage while enhancing your own style with unique effects. The Mini-S also works in tandem with the MOZA Genie APP to generate better and more convenient film-making compositions with just a tap of your finger to achieve complex effects.

    In addition to the regular black color option, white has been added to the lineup offering a fresher and cooler alternative to match your individualistic style.

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