Cinematoraphy Kessler Lamprey – 200lbs. Universal Suction Mount

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  1. Tim Fok

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    Kessler has announced a new 200lbs force rated suction mount. The Kessler Lamprey is a 8” suction cup with cheeseplate top, offering a variety of mounting options for camera, lighting and grip accessories.


    Suction mounts in filmmaking are generally pigeon holed into car rigging, however Kessler quote that the Lamprey is suitable for “any non-porous surface” such as windows, table tops and (of course) car body panels.

    The 8” suction mount has a built in pump and is rated for 200lbs.

    On top, things are kept fairly universal, a cheeseplate array of 1/4-20 & 3/8-16 threads and holes means you can use the Kessler Lamprey in a variety of configurations.


    Attaching receivers & studs could put it in the lighting department, adding a Kessler Quick Release Plate makes it camera and grip compatible. It could also prove a good accessory for gimbals and stabilized heads by adding the likes of a Freefly Toad In The Hole or Ronin Dovetail.

    “a great problem solver to have in your toolbox” – I have to agree, despite it being a pricey stocking filler, it’s certainly a useful thing to have on set.


    I’ve seen suction mounts used for in a variety of scenarios including things like securing heavy blackout to windows in super tight spaces.

    Availability looks immediate, pricing starting at $274.95.

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