LockCircle Introduces Micro V-Mount Plate

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  1. Modern lightweight, yet capable (cine-) cameras deserve a proper powering solution. Wave bye-bye to regular sized V-mount batteries and say hello to micro V-mount bricks! But how to attach these to your rig in style? Italy-based LockCircle has just released a fresh, adjustable Micro V-mount battery plate for that exact purpose.


    I personally own a Canon C300 Mark II and I’m quite happy with the surrounding rig (mainly Zacuto and Vocas). On powering duty are Canon’s own BP-A60 batteries, no V-mounts ’round here. But if I would like to power that camera with a V-mount battery, it certainly wouldn’t be a regular-sized one! They are just too big and heavy for the job.

    A regular-sized next to a micro-sized 98Wh V-mount battery. image credit: Bebob

    A regular V-mount (or gold mount) battery fits a shoulder-mount broadcast camera perfectly, but the C300 Mark II (or III)? I think a micro-sized V-mount with a similar output rating but a significantly smaller size and weight fits such a rig much better. Same for mirrorless setups, of course! These can even be powered by USB if your battery has such an outlet.

    image credit: Lockcircle. Edited by cinema5D.

    LockCircle V-Mount Battery Plate

    LockCircle has just released a fitting battery plate for these micro-sized V-mount batteries. The design seems simple but is very clever, indeed. You can attach the plate to any standard 15mm rods and mount the actual plate in any orientation. Don’t build your rig around the battery but mount the battery the way you want (for balancing the whole setup for example). Not only the orientation is flexible, you also can adjust left/right/front/rear offset in steps thanks to multiple mounting threads.

    Mount it any way you want! image credit: LockCircle. Edited by cinema5D.

    Since we’re talking LockCircle here, only the best materials are being used for making this Micro V-Mount plate a reality: CNC machined from billet aluminum, titanium grade 5 and molded ABS. The whole unit weighs 180gr (6,3 oz) and is 89 x 62 x 26mm (3,5″ x 2,4″ x 1,2″) in size. The plate also offers one additional D-Tap power outlet which can be used in tandem with the ports already offered by the battery itself of course.

    image credit: LockCircle. Edited by cinema5D.

    Pricing and Availability

    The LockCircle Micro V-Mount plate comes complete with the 15mm mounting adapter. One unit is € 169,00 ($ 179,00) and it can be ordered through LockCircle’s own webshop here.

    Links: LockCircle Homepage

    What do you think? Do you already own micro V-mount batteries? Is this solution something you would consider for your rig? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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