Music Vine Launches Subscription Plans for Pros & Creators

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    The music licensing platform Music Vine has launched subscription programs for both professional filmmakers and video creators. The subscription grants unlimited access to the entire Music Vine catalog and, for those working on large-scale productions, can be easily customized to include unlimited clearance. The Creator plans start at $13.99 per month and Pro plans start at $19.99 per month.

    Creator subscription plans. Image credit: Music Vine

    Music Vine is one of many music licensing platforms on the market. Since their launch in 2015, the Music Vine platform has been redesigned a couple of times already. Currently, it offers over 380 thematic categories and a unique weighted tagging system to reflect the nuances inherent in musical emotion more accurately, thus providing users with more relevant search results.

    According to Music Vine, the quality of their music catalog is the most important thing. The platform differentiates from traditional ‘library music’ services by meticulously curating their catalog and working closely with their artists. Till now, the platform worked on a simple model where customers paid for the music they bought. Now they are launching new subscription plans. What exactly do they offer?

    Music Vine launches subscription plans. Image credit: Music Vine

    Music Vine Subscription Plans

    Music Vine’s new offering encompasses two main subscription types called Pro and Creator. The Pro plans are for filmmakers, businesses, freelancers and production agencies, while the Creator plans are specifically tailored for YouTubers, personal social media and other creator platforms.

    Under the Pro umbrella, there are two plans – the basic tier being Pro Lite, which costs $19.99 per month and grants clearance for small-scale productions such as corporate videos, wedding films, content marketing, and micro-budget indie films. For those working on larger scale productions, Music Vine’s Pro Standard plan will start at $35.99 per month and offers broader clearance for marketing, advertising, entertainment, and informative content. This plan can be further extended to provide clearance for those who are working on very large scale productions, and/or who require clearance for all media.

    Pro subscription plans. Image credit: Music Vine

    In a similar fashion to the Pro plans, there are two options for the Creator subscriptionsCreator Ambassador and Creator Standard, the former being a reduced rate plan for those happy to include a music accreditation when they publish any content featuring tracks from Music Vine. These plans cost $13.99 and $19.99 per month respectively and can be extended for those Creators generating significant revenue from their channels.

    When designing the price plans, Music Vine wanted to keep the options clear and simple for videomakers, while ensuring the prices scale-up appropriately for the largest usages. According to Music Vine, it supports a sustainable and fair model for musicians. They have a packed release schedule of new artists over the coming 12 months. All mentioned prices are billed annually. In case of monthly billing, they do get slightly higher.

    You might have noticed, that Music Vine is cinema5D’s partner and they provide us with music for our reviews. Our readers can get 25% off their music license purchase with the code C5D25 (valid for one use per customer). Please mind, that this code is only valid for music purchase, NOT for any of the subscription plans.

    Music Vine Prize Draw

    To celebrate the launch of their new subscription, Music Vine is giving away a couple of prizes (including a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone, two DJI Ronin-S gimbals and three Zoom H5 audio records) to 6 customers. To enter, simply sign up to any Music Vine subscription plan before Thursday 12 December and tick the box to ‘Enter Prize Draw’ at the checkout.

    What do you think of the new subscription plans for Music Vine? Do you use music from this platform for your projects? Let us know in the comments underneath the article.

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