MZed Pro Filmmaking Courses Annual Subscription – $199 Instead of $349!

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  1. Earlier today, we have announced the acquisition of MZed, a leading online education platform for filmmakers, and now we are inviting you to celebrate together with us. For the next five days, grab the opportunity and get an amazing deal: we are offering a $150 discount to our MZed PRO annual streaming subscription. ($199 instead of $349).

    Sharing our filmmaking knowledge is part of our DNA and since the early days of CineD, our team has been working hard to explore new and inventive ways to share educational content with our community. After all, the real power is knowledge!

    Learning how to tell a story, how to move a camera, how to light, and make a better sound, is what makes the difference between being a simple user and a person that knows his/her craft. Mastering how to cut, edit, and grade the footage is undoubtedly the “secret ingredient” within this wonderful (yet time-consuming) art.

    Don’t stand still – Learn the Know-How

    Like me, I’m sure that you guys have been in this business long enough to acknowledge how important it is to acquire knowledge. No matter, if it is about the right tool for the job or actual, relevant (production) information, investing in learning is the best you can do in order to grow.

    MZed – A leading Online Filmmaking Courses Platform

    MZed is an online educational platform, where filmmakers can get themselves educated about filmmaking and photography by top professionals. The platform offers practical courses for enhancing skills in cinematography, lighting, editing and audio, next to some theoretical education that helps to bring filmmaking knowledge to the next level.

    MZed Courses can be purchased as single courses (download links to each course provided), or as a full membership subscription that allows users to access ALL the courses within our MZed Pro Library. It also allows subscribers to access future, new courses and content, and use their iOS App to consume courses on the go.

    Celebrate With Us – Get $150 Discount on Your Annual Subscription

    We are inviting you to celebrate with us by offering a $150 discount on an MZed PRO subscription ($199 instead of $349). This super deal is open now and will last until Sunday, October 17th, 2021, at 23:59 PST time.

    Are you a member of the MZed learning community already? If not, will you consider joining? Please share with us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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