New LockPort XT3 HDMI Port Saver for FUJIFILM X-T3

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  1. If you are a DSLR/mirrorless shooter, you probably know this issue: broken HDMI cables and/or connectors due to excessive strain on these tiny ports. The new LockPort XT3, especially designed for the popular FUJIFLM X-T3 mirrorless camera is available now, ready to save your precious camera.

    HDMI was never designed for in-the-field use (I think) and that’s why LockCircle had to invent their popular LockPort accessories in order to safe your camera from harm and yourself from going berserk. Ask yourself: How many HDMI cables have you destroyed while working with them attached to a DSLR/mirrorless camera? In my case, the answer is a solid 5. And I have to add one micro HDMI connector to the list as well..

    LockPort XT3 – HDMI Port Saver for FUJIFILM X-T3

    The LockPort was originally introduced for the Canon 5D mk.II in order to safe its mini HDMI port from being destroyed by a gigantic HDMI plug and the strain it puts on the port. Unfortunately, the company behind it, LockCircle, had to add more and more models to their lineup because each and every camera is a little bit different and there’s no such thing as a LockPort which fits them all.


    In the case of FUJIFILM’s popular X-T series of mirrorless cameras things are even worse. The already available LockPort XT2 for the FUJIFILM X-T2 mirrorless camera won’t fit its successor, the popular FUJIFILM X-T3. So Dante Cecchin, one of the co-founders of LockCircle, had to go back to the drawing board in order to ease the pain for X-T3 shooters.

    I actually asked him myself if he would be willing to create a LockPort fitting the X-T3 and eventually, he said yes! So after several destroyed micro HDMI cables I finally can stop worrying about the safety of the (very) tiny and (very) fragile micro HDMI port on my FUJIFILM X-T3.


    The LockPort XT3 itself looks just like any other LockPort: A (very) thin baseplate attaches to the bottom of the camera and holds the actual cage for the HDMI adapter in place. That adapter is a 90° micro HDMI to HDMI (full size) one which faces to the rear of the camera once installed. That way you now can use any regular sized HDMI cable for sending the video stream to an attached monitor or wireless video transmitter. The benefit is twofold: 1/ The cage holding the HDMI adapter takes away any strain on the flimsy micro HDMI connector on the camera itself and 2/ you can use any standard HDMI cable, no need for special micro – full size HDMI cables.

    The provided micro to full-sized HDMI adapter featured gold plated contacts and is tested to work with 4K streams flawlessly.


    To mount the LockPort XT3 to your FUJIFILM camera, just use any tripod adapter plate and tighten the baseplate down with it. Since the LockPort baseplate is so thin, no longer screw is needed. If you are only shooting handheld you can also use a standard camera screw without any tripod adapter plate, your choice. Furthermore, the battery compartment of the X-T3 stays unobstructed.

    Pricing and Availability

    The LockPort XT3 is available now through the LockCircle Website here. It’s $ 119 / € 99 (plus shipment, taxes & duties). That’s the complete kit including the baseplate, the adapter cage, a 90° HDMI adapter, 2 hex tools and the needed 2 x 2 hex screws.


    For another $29 / € 26 you can order a spare micro to full-size HDMI adapter, 2 hex tools and the aforementioned 4 screws.

    Link: LockCircle Website

    What do you think? Do you use any LockPorts for your cameras? What are your experiences with this tool? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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