Shutterstock Giveaway: Free Cooking Sounds

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  1. Quality videos require quality sound design, no news here. But where to get decent sounds for your productions, you ask? Well, Shutterstock is giving away some sizzling ones for free. So let’s start cookin’, shall we?

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    Assuming you’re home a lot these days. You may have a little time on your hands but you don’t know what to do. Well, you’re not visiting these pages for no reason so I’m thinking you’re into video. And since you’re stuck at home anyway, an obvious idea might be some nice cooking videos. Even if you don’t want to establish a dedicated cooking video channel on YouTube, creating such a video could be good practice: Just check out shows like Chef’s Table on Netflix, I’m sure you’ll like what you see.

    Shutterstock Giveaway: Cooking Sounds

    In order to let the result really shine, Shutterstock provides you with a set of 50+ sounds typically found in a kitchen. And best of all: you can use these sounds completely free of charge, no account needed. The license covers both personal and commercial productions. The only thing you can’t do is resell them. Fair enough I think. Check out the video below to get a first impression:

    You can download the free pack directly from Shutterstock.

    If you haven’t use dedicated sound effects for one of your productions yet you’ll be surprised how much a difference good sound design makes. A good video is great but it’s nothing without a decent soundtrack, really. One thing to remember is to add some faded background music or ambient sound of the room you were shooting in so remember to capture a good 30 seconds of room tone!

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    Sound effects can sound a bit harsh when used without any kind of ambient sound so play around a bit with them in your favorite NLE in order to create the perfect mix.

    Bonus – 15% Off Coupon

    When you download the zip from Shutterstock, you’ll notice an extra PDF that contains a nice surprise: A coupon granting 15% off of everything Shutterstock has on offer. Footage, images, music, you name it. It’s valid through Dec 31, 2020. Of course, Shutterstock wants to make some business here, who can blame them. I think this free audio FX pack is a seriously good offer and if you find something else in their catalog for purchase, why not?

    Enjoy checking out some new recipes while surprising your family with a (hopefully) yummy dinner! Just add a camera, these delicious sound effects, and some creativity.

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    What do think? Will you give it a try and shoot some cooking action? Let us know in the comments below!

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