SIGMA Classic Prime 10 Lens set Price Announced

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  1. After the surprise announcement of the SIGMA Classic line of lenses earlier this year, there has been rampant speculation about the price point and access to these new flare friendly vintage-inspired optics. We’re now able to put some of that speculation to rest thanks to the good folks over at Duclos Lenses:

    SIGMA Classic Primes on display at IBC. Image Credit: Cinema5D

    We’re being told by a Duclos Lenses representative that the 10-lens PL mount set will begin shipping in December of 2019 and January 2020 for the price point of $43,999. Please keep in mind that, for now, the SIGMA Classic Prime is only available in a 10-lens kit (listed below), so buying a smaller set is currently not at option. Here is a short film utilizing the SIGMA Classic Primes shot by DP and SIGMA Cine Pro, Timur Civan:

    What leads to this dreamy look? According to Duclos the unique look of the SIGMA Cine Primes comes from: “a modified Anti-Reflective Coating formula. The Classic Primes feature uncoated elements throughout the lens, with the exception of the outward-facing elements. The front element and rear element have a special protective coating to improve durability and exposure to the elements.” – Duclos Lenses

    SIGMA Cine “original” Primes shot the left image and on the right is from a SIGMA Classic Prime. The same camera settings were used for both images. Image Credit: Duclos Lenses

    The above comparison shows off the low contrast image out of the new classics and also illustrates how the classics handle light sources. As you can see from the below graph the altered coatings do change the lens speed when compared with the original SIGMA Cine Primes.

    Image Credit: SIGMA

    Full disclaimer: The author is member of the SIGMA Cine ambassador program. This is an unpaid news post about a new product (we don’t post sponsored articles on

    What do you think of the look out of the new Sigma Cine Classics? Comment below!

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