SmallRig Sony a7S III Cage Packages

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    SmallRig has announced a camera cage system for the new Sony A7SIII. It’s a 4-point full cage system with quick release handles and cable protectors.


    One of the core elements of a film-friendly mirrorless camera rig is a cage; SmallRig are among the first to the market with theirs for the brand new Sony A7S III.


    The SmallRig Sony A7S III Cage is a full 4-point system, hugging the camera on top, bottom, and both sides. In my opinion, this is essential for mirrorless cameras (over a half cage) due to their incredibly small form factor.

    The cage mounts to the bottom of the camera via standard ¼” thread whilst leaving the hot shoe accessible. For further stability, there is also a neat little Allen key that slots through the strap loop on the camera body.


    Various ¼” and 3/8” threads are located around each side and top. The front has what looks like proprietary threads below the lens mount (presumably for future accessories).

    There’s an offset cold shoe mount on the top, strap loops are replaced with slots on both sides and there’s a cut out on the bottom for the battery compartment hatch.


    Three Package Options

    There are 3 package options for the SmallRig Sony A7S III Cage:

    • Form Fitting (cage only)
    • Master (cage/top handle/cable protector)
    • Professional (cage/side handle/cable protector)

    The latter two packages have an HDMI cable protector accessory for the side. Importantly this mounts to the cage with a tool-less thumbscrew.

    In the Professional Kit, there is a wooden side handle. This is also tool-less in mounting offering another cold shoe mount on the top.


    The Master Kit Top Handle looks quite nice – there are two cold shoe mounts on the top, a couple of ARRI anti-rotate 3/8” threads and a horizontal 15mm rod receiver with ratchet handle.


    SmallRig has also announced a separate L bracket plate. It provides an Arca Swiss plate in landscape and portrait orientations. These products are usually more designed for stills use, but compact video rigs can benefit from them.

    Like all SmallRig products, theses are very competitively priced, links below.

    What do you think about the new cage for the Sony a7S III? Are you considering buying this camera? Let us know in the comments below.

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