Cinematoraphy Tiltamax TE-ND – Electronic Vari ND Filter PL Mount Adapter for RED

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    Tilta is introducing the Tiltamax TE-ND – digital neutral density (ND) variable filter PL mount adapter for RED cameras. Powered directly from the camera body, it offers up to 11 stops of light adjustment and the option to use it without the ND filter as a simple PL mount adapter.

    Tilta has created the TE-ND adapter based on the feedback from filmmakers who demanded such a product for their RED cameras, since there is no internal ND filter. Some filmmakers like to use RED cameras for documentary work, meaning they might need a fast and versatile ND solution. An electronic variable ND filter is a great help that significantly speeds up the production on set.


    Tilta’s new product offers up to 11 stops of light adjustment and therefore allows light transmission from 1/4 to 1/4096. Tilta, however, might limit it to 5 to 6 stops to avoid a color shifting issue and maintain a neutral color throughout the whole spectrum and guarantee a consistent and clear image.

    The ND filter glass can be taken out of the adapter and is replaceable with pure glass (will be included in the box), so that the adapter can stay on camera and function as a simple PL mount.

    The Tiltamax TE-ND adapter is powered through the pins directly from the camera body’s 5V output. Its body is made of titanium and therefore slightly heavy – though there is no information about the exact weight yet.

    On the adapter itself there is a power button and a simple dial to change the ND value. The display next to the dial on the side of the adapter shows the current value of the ND filter in stops.

    Even though right now, Tilta only made a demo unit for the RED cameras’ PL mount to showcase at IBC, they are planning to implement the adapter to other mounts in the future, as well.

    When it comes to price and availability – Tilta will still need some time to finalize the product and also further communicate the release with RED. The price is estimated to be around $1,200.00 and it should include the PL mount adapter itself, the electronic ND filter glass insert and the pure glass insert.

    What do you think about the new Tiltamax variable ND filter adapter for PL mount? Is it something you will be adding to your kit? Let us know in the comments below.

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