Wooden Camera Releases Variety of RED Komodo Accessories

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  1. Wooden Camera is now shipping a whole host of useful RED Approved accessories for the RED Komodo camera. For those lucky enough to snag a Komodo during its initial rollout you’ll find a wide variety of available accessories that will help build out the camera into a cinema configuration.

    Image Credit: Wooden Camera

    Wooden Camera has been quick out of the gate with accessory support in the past and the same is true here for users looking to expand the usability of their new RED Komodo camera. The full list of available accessories and kits are below, but the “B-Box” (allowing for timecode and additional camera inputs) and the RF to PL adapter as well as the Battery Slide Extension (allowing for hot swapping the BP-955 batteries) are particularly useful standouts in my opinion.

    Komodo Compatible Accessory List with Prices

    • LW 15mm Baseplate $499.00
    • Complete Top Mount Kit (ARCA Swiss) $399.00
    • Top Handle Kit (ARCA Swiss) $299.00
    • Monitor Hinge Kit (ARCA Swiss) $199.00
    • Top Plate Kit (ARCA Swiss) $199.00
    • Top Mount Only (ARCA Swiss) $135.00
    • Top Handle Only (ARCA Swiss) $199.00
    • Monitor Hinge Only (ARCA Swiss) $85.00
    • Top Plate Only (ARCA Swiss) $49.00
    • Battery Slide Pro Gold Mount $399.00
    • Battery Slide Pro V-Mount $399.00
    • Battery Slide Extension for Canon BP-955 Hot Swap $49.00
    • B-Box (RED KOMODO) $399.00
    • Canon RF to PL Mount Pro $499.00
    Image Credit: Phil Holland
    Kit Breakdown

    • RED Komodo Accessory Kit (Base) $798.00
    • RED Komodo Accessory Kit (Advanced) $998.00
    • RED Komodo Accessory Kit (Pro, V-Mount) $1,397.00
    • RED Komodo Accessory Kit (Pro, Gold Mount) $1,397.00
    Image Credit: Wooden Camera

    While catching a RED Komodo in the wild is still a rare sight as RED Cinema expands production during the pandemic it’s been nice to see wide accessory support from Wooden Camera and others.


    All accessories are currently shipping.

    What do you think? Will you be snagging one of the Wooden Camera accessory kits for your Komodo? Comment below!

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