Zacuto Announces Kameleon EVF Pro – Now with Waveform

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  1. Zacuto previously announced the Kameleon EVF back in March of 2019. The new electronic viewfinder dropped the Gratical name and shares features from both the Gratical Eye and Gratical HD but had a few notable improvements including an improved pixel density screen. Now Zacuto has a new “Pro” version of the Kameleon and a new upgrade or credit path for owners of the first version. What does “Pro” mean for the Kameleon EVF? Let’s dive in.

    Image Credit: Zacuto

    The Zacuto Kameleon fits a niche in the Zacuto EVF lineup with a full 1920×1080 display and a screen resolution of 3103 PPI/ 6.5 million pixels versus 2687/5.4 for the other Gratical types. It doesn’t have the battery solution of the larger Gratical HD or an extra HDMI and SDI port, but it gains an additional USB-C connector and stays at a price point that is over $500 under the Gratical HD. For me, keeping a uniform and compact design means less of a risk of snagging the Kameleon on something and keeps the whole camera build small. Having both HDMI and SDI input options also opens this up for use with every camera on the market not using a proprietary EVF connector.

    Image Credit: Zacuto

    Upgrade Path to the Kameleon Pro

    The main difference in the Kameleon Pro is the addition of a Waveform tool and improved interface design (see below image). I tend to use Waveform almost exclusively for judging exposure and being able to toggle that tool within the EVF without going back to the video village or AC monitor is very helpful. Unfortunately, this update can’t be delivered through a firmware update and requires swapping out the unit, so Zacuto has a new upgrade path at a cost of $250 and a two-week turnaround for the user.

    For those not interested in the upgrade, Zacuto is offering a $350 store credit “as a thanks for being a Kameleon customer”. You must fill out a short form to apply for the credit on the upgrade page here and toggle the “I’ll take the credit!” button. Before you ask — no you can’t take the credit and do the upgrade too.

    New interface design. Image Credit: Zacuto

    Personally, you’ll never find me complaining about having too many EVF types on the market. This is one product category where the options can be limited, so having a new EVF or even an incremental improvement is always welcome. The addition of the new credit or upgrade path should also be very welcome by existing Kameleon owners.

    What do you think? Are you a current Kameleon EVF owner? We want to hear from you! Comment below.

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